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1 Soundvibe Connections is a creative business hub that brings unity for women and men in business, specifically, but not exclusively, within the black community. Taylor’s mission is to not only to bring more awareness to its Head Quarters in Houston but all around the states for creatives by developing a hub that fosters community for business professionals to work together more closely on projects with LITTLE to NO MONEY to accomplish goals together.

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Sell Your Products Online

If you have a product or offer a service come share it with our community. (Must Offer Half Off or Bargain)

Sell Your Courses Online

Are you a business professional that offers masterclasses? You can sell your courses online with us including, but not limited to, music courses, production, accounting and finances, business basics, photography 101, film editing, hair and makeup, and more.

Get Booked~Find Employees

It doesn’t matter your profession, allow us to help you hire the team you need for all your creative needs. If you’re job searching for a gig in your profession then we can help you get booked. Whether you’re a casting director, model, actor, writer, film or music Editor, a college student looking for work, or a business seeking interns or Employees, we can help you get connected to create and build.

We Are A Professional Community Social Media Platorm

Facebook + LinkedIn = 1 Soundvibe Connetions All-In-One (Model Mayham, Woo Commerce, Teachable, Clubhouse, Indeed, Craigslist, Zoom Meeting)


Exclusive Membership

$49.99 $250.00

dance Rehearsal

1300 Sq Ft Vinyl Floor * (9) 4x6 Rolling Glassless Mirrors * Bluetooth Sound System *Rolling Doors *Dj CLub Lighting *Smoke Machine *4x8 Led Indoor/Outdoor Panel (extra $) *2(4x8) Stages

Are you in need of a space you can host a private event, music festival, open mic, business conference, or vendor event at? Look no further Give us a Call or book online

Membership booking

Are you an artist, creative or business professional that needs a workplace to call home? Look no more! Bring your services and clientele here and eliminate the hourly fees associated with renting a space. No need to pay an hourly rate anymore.

DIY HeatPress Printing

Searched high and low for someone to make your merch for you and tired of getting the same results? Here at 1Soundvibe Connections, we offer DIY Heat Press options. Just bring your material and we’ll help you set everything up so you can design and start printing right away.


Studio ADR Rental

Are you a filmmaker or sound engineer that needs ADR in the perfect professional and soundproofed environment? We offer exactly what you need with our soundproof relaxed control room.


Need To Host a Mall or Medium Size Conference.
We have a Room Just For You!
-8Ft Conference Room Table
-50 in Tv
-Kitchen Area


& Video production Booking

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We have multiple areas in the facility designed with you in mind to allow you to shoot and create for all your photography needs.

radio | podcast

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Need A cut Before Your Shoot Or just Need a Fresh Weave Done Book Today.

Exclusive Membership

Limited Access Membership